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It is very natural that you have installed avg antivirus for protecting your device against malware. But it is essential that you keep on updating with the latest virus definitions and security updates so that latest malware could be prevented. There is an automatic update option in avg which could be used and all the new updates will gets updated automatically. In case you have to face avg update problem then you should immediately take help of support team who will resolve it instantly. In this article we will focus on the steps that you can follow for troubleshooting the update problem.

AVG update problem
The error code that you may receive in the process of updating avg is ‘invalid update control CTF file’. This arises due to corrupt avg update control files. For repairing this avg update problem you will have to delete temporary update files. There are two methods by which you can remove the files. The steps of first method are:

• You have to first double click on the avg icon that is present in the desktop.
• Then you will have to open the tools menu and from there you select advanced settings.
• In the update section you have to browse to the manage option.
• Further in the next step you click in the delete temporary update files button.
• At last you click the yes button this will confirm the removal of temporary update files.
These steps are followed when you opt for using the avg interface for removing the temporary update files. In any step if you feel that you need some kind of help then you can avail it from avg customer support team. If you want to delete the files manually then there are another set of steps that has to be followed. Those steps are:
• In the first place, you have to open ‘My computer’.
• Then navigate to the documents and settings and then find the avg folder.
• After locating the avg folder you will have to delete all the programs present in it one by one.

Even after following these steps properly if you still have avg update problem you must take help of our technical assistance team. If you are successful in following all the steps in proper way, then it could be ensured that this problem will not reappear while performing updates in future.

Another way to resolve the avg update problem, is that you can uninstall avg software completely and again reinstall it in your device. You can use avg uninstaller or some other perfect tool by which you can remove the avg completely. You should always ensure that you never use add or remove programs for removing the avg antivirus. Even after reinstalling the avg program if you find that it is still showing errors then you should restart your system and then open windows explorer and browse to avg program file and then double click to execute the file manually. At last you have to restart the computer for updating it completely. You can also get help from AVG help team.